The word “Summer” translates to many things- from cool icy beverages, breezy fabrics to airy spaces, air conditioners, and the classic ice-cream routine. However, it also means more power usage, higher electricity and utility bills. With cooling becoming the number one priority across every household, homeowners’ biggest problem is excessive power bills. While one practical go-to solution is to simply crank down the air conditioning system for a few hours while bearing the brunt of the heat, an effortless way out is to treat your windows with refreshing and lighter options simply. From top-quality vertical blindswith curtains to sheer, floaty drapes, this blog provides few practical window tips to get your house summer-ready.


The durable, lightweight, and modern intertwined and honeycomb design of cellular shades creates a picturesque aesthetic while incorporating the coolness quotient into your space. Cellular shades effectively block the heat and insulate the space while optimizing temperature and brightness. Roller shades are another summer-friendly window installation. They strike the right balance between allowing natural light and instilling privacy. In addition to flexibility and motorization, roller roman shades add a unique, sleek appeal to your modern home.


Wooden blinds carry a rich, authentic, refreshing style that adds distinctive character and alluring appeal to your space. In addition, top-quality vertical blinds with curtains hold more advantage over horizontal blinds as they do not allow the cool air-conditioned air to escape a room through and let the outside hot air in. you can choose from a vast spectrum of grains, finishes, and hues to achieve your desired look for your space. Another advantage of wooden blinds is that they enhance a positive environmental footprint since they are responsibly sourced.


If you desire an opulent, elegant, and eternal summer style for your home, Roman shades are your calling. When it comes to going by the window fashion trends and interior decor buzz, roman shades indeed make the list. Available in various fabrics, hues, exquisite patterns, and fine details, Roman shades offer high control of indoor temperature and light while providing a neat, tidy look for your space.


Shutter treatments are transformative window features that add an extra panache with loads of functionality and privacy. Shutters act as an ideal long-lasting solution in providing impeccable ventilation and aeration, optimal light control while improving insulation and minimizing energy costs. You can select from a vast collection of plantation shutters to bring nature’s essence into your space, choose from different styles and materials. They are long-lasting, durable, and effectively reduce the summer glare.

When choosing a summer window treatment for your house, you must decide on one that compliments your space’s decor theme and brings functionality while achieving your purpose. So even if the summers don’t live up to our expectations, make sure your house is equipped with the right window treatment to keep the sunny side up. Browse our virtual showroom to find your fit or dial 914-844-0504 or 203-900-1500for a window-style consultation.

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