Size Matters! Your Guide To Choose The Best Mini Blinds For Large Windows

Regardless of wants, goals, and needs, statements like “go big or go home” seem to fit everywhere (except the fitness industry) and work as a much-needed motivation. Sometimes we aim to go big at home. While setting the suitable decor theme for a fresh, tranquil, and airy space, large windows are everyone’s choice. And why […]

4 Window Treatments To Summerize Your Space For Cooler Hot Months

The word “Summer” translates to many things- from cool icy beverages, breezy fabrics to airy spaces, air conditioners, and the classic ice-cream routine. However, it also means more power usage, higher electricity and utility bills. With cooling becoming the number one priority across every household, homeowners’ biggest problem is excessive power bills. While one practical […]

3 Simple Reasons Why Your Home Needs Horizontal Blinds

The doors and windows in your house, while important structural elements, are also functional necessities and aesthetic inclusions that have a major impact on the design, comfort and “liveability” of the house. Let’s be real here, there is no such thing as ‘too much natural light’, is there? And that is why you also need […]

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