Size Matters! Your Guide To Choose The Best Mini Blinds For Large Windows

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Size Matters! Your Guide To Choose The Best Mini Blinds For Large Windows

Regardless of wants, goals, and needs, statements like “go big or go home” seem to fit everywhere (except the fitness industry) and work as a much-needed motivation. Sometimes we aim to go big at home. While setting the suitable decor theme for a fresh, tranquil, and airy space, large windows are everyone’s choice. And why wouldn’t it be? It lets in a lot of natural light, sets an alluring view, and acts as a focal point to bring out the entire room’s decor appeal. However, if you are trying to buy the best mini blinds for large windows of your home space, you might need to factor in a few aspects.

When choosing window treatments for large windows, it’s quite likely for you to be paralyzed by the number of options available in the market. Large windows can be tricky to accessorize. A poor window treatment will not only compromise the style factors but also defeat the purpose of a large window, i.e., setting the right light and tone of appeal.


Just to set the record straight and debunk every myth, no two windows are the same. You might spot similar-looking windows. That doesn’t mean they are exactly the same size. Even a tiny difference or a variation can break the design flow theme of your space. Treat your window uniquely and always measure.


Depending upon how you want your mini blinds for large windows to hang, you need to take end-to-end and edge-to-edge measurements of your window opening. You might not want your blinds to cover the windows entirely and leave some space towards the edge. Whether it’s a dressing room or a window treatment, a lousy fit never bodes well.


This is another mistake that most homeowners tend to make. They kind of assume that the new installment is going to be the same as their old one. It is important to note here that different brands follow different standards of measurement. Also, the measure of your old blind is based on the window opening. If you order your new one based on this, it might come too small.


There’s a golden trifecta of measurement you need to follow- top, middle, and bottom. Taking the fit at these three locations will ensure a perfect fit for your blinds. Plus, there’s hardly a window that is square ever.


For windows with moldings or trims, measure from far left ridge to far right edge of the trim. For blinds with end mount brackets, take ¼” deduction from the measurement to create space and allow more room for the bracket to fit onto the trim. Measure height form the top edge of the mount to the bottom edge. For mounting the blind above the window trim, start the measurement at least 2” above the top edge of the trim and measure till the bottom edge. Make sure there’s enough depth in the inside mount for proper mounting.

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